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Underlay is the most overlooked aspect of purchasing a new floor. “I’ve already got underlay” is a common thought or “it doesn’t make any difference”…. but think again! Old underlay is prone to crumble or collapse especially in high traffic areas which may cause your new carpet to ridge or appear uneven. Old underlay also harbours dust and dirt which can seep through to the surface, ruining the appearance of your beautiful new carpet. There are also many other benefits to installing a new underlay, including sound proofing, insulation and most of all superior comfort.

  • Comfort & luxury – Underlay provides comfort underfoot when you buy a new carpet.
  • Carpet protection – Acts like a shock absorber helping carpets withstand wear & tear.
  • Less noise – 2.5 times quieter with carpet and up to 50% quieter with laminate flooring & laminate floors.
  • Looks better for longer – Protects the carpet & keeps it looking new for longer.
  • Lower energy costs – Keeps heat in, reducing energy bills by up to 15%.
  • Better hygiene – Vacuum cleaning is more efficient, ensuring maximum cleaning power & less damage to the carpet.

roomsDifferent Rooms Need Different Underlays

  1. Bedrooms: We recommend a medium comfort underlay.
  2. Lounge: We recommend a luxurious comfort underlay.
  3. Dining Room: Heavy furniture may be moved around when entertaining, so a rubber underlay is recommended.
  4. Staircase and Landing: For durability in this high traffic area, we recommend a rubber underlay.

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