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Carpet Samples

Carpet Samples

At Excel we know more than a thing or two about luxurious carpets. Apart from coming in different styles, colours and patterns, carpets are loved by all for their durability, softness and comfort. They are ideal for a busy family, in the bathroom, kitchen, lounge, bedroom, dining room and hall, stairs and landing, because it is flooring that can withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday life and still look good. Don’t forget that they are especially great for a family with children who need daily extra protection from hard floors. Not only do carpets have soft cushioning, they can also be stain resistant, which is a crucial factor when it comes to messy little ones.

Quality carpet is particularly a good investment and comes in different forms. Wool is the most popular fibre of carpet because it is soft and luxurious, and most importantly it is hard-wearing. Have a look at textured wool or plain wool for a varied selection and different feel. Apart from plain carpets, we also have carpets to suit different tastes, so have a look at our modern carpets, traditional carpets, Berber carpet and more.

Buy carpet for practical reasons and enhance your home with a beautiful, stylish look, giving it a warm and cosy feel. All of our carpet ranges come in a price to suit every pocket.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Once you go with laminate flooring, you will not want to use anything else. It is an easy to clean floor that is ideal for any active household. With its beautiful designs, you will impress your guests who will think that you have wooden flooring, tile flooring or stone flooring rather than durable and stain resistant flooring that resembles it. Use laminate in your kitchen, bedroom, dining room and lounge for most effective use.

Laminate can also be made with different finishes for more realistic looks. Get a laminate flooring grain finish on your laminate for a light laminate flooring grain look on the surface of your flooring or consider an embossed feature to add an authentic look, which is a structure that is pressed on the design. The register embossed look matches the pattern of the laminate flooring or stone design, creating the perfect camouflage to make it look like the real thing. If look is crucial for you, then there are further three design features available, such as the handscraped, a surface finish that you can touch and feel and one that matches the flooring pattern, the chrome zone finish, which gives extra definition to the grain with shine, and the endless beauty surface that allows you to create an endless real wooden look with a pattern that continues to each adjoining plank. So go for the realistic look and have a look at our laminate buying guide for more information. Also don’t forget to add an underlay for superior comfort.


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

We have excellent vinyl flooring that comes in a range of styles and finishes. Coming as laminate flooring effect vinyl flooring or in stone flooring designs, vinyl flooring is a cheaper alternative to the real thing. Furthermore, it comes with better water resistance, slip resistance, durability and insulation properties.

Rooms that see heavy foot traffic will also benefit greatly from vinyl flooring, so use it as bathroom vinyl flooring, kitchen vinyl flooring and lounges where a lot of entertainment takes place. It comes in multiple thicknesses for stronger wear and tear resistance as well as adding comfort and further insulation for your house. To find out more about vinyl flooring just come and see us at our store.

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